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Smiley Joe Wiley

Dry Bar Comedy

There Are Some Things Black People Just Don't Do.

There are some things black people just don't do, or at least thats what Smiley Joe Wiley says in this clip from his first ever Dry Bar Comedy special. In this clip Smiley Joe talks about all the things that you might never see a black person doing. Whether you're someone who has noticed some of these, or you're just someone looking for a good laugh, this clip from Smiley Joe Wiley is sure to have you laughing from start to finish.

The bus is rolling, which means it’s time for a punchline or two about mashing the fingers of small children.

“Smiley” Joe Wiley’s on the mic, explaining how he tries to get a break from his kids from time to time by seeking refuge in the bathroom.

“They find you — they got their little hands under the door,” he begins. “ ‘When you coming out?’ I stomp their knuckles; take the plunger, beat their knuckles,” he continues to a round of guffaws. “They got knuckles like a carpenter — you should see their hands.”

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Hilariously funny comedian, Smiley Joe Wiley has traveled the world entertaining audiences of all ages! His upbeat humor has brought him standing ovations on BET’s Comic Review, as well as Carnival Cruise Lines and the fabulous Las Vegas Strip!

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